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Michael Waltersdorfer


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It’s a cupsole that doesn’t feel like a cupsole, with the flick of a vulc shoe. Multifunctional work boots for stairs, gaps, rails and all the skating in between. And last for a long time, what more could you want…?…


Love this shoe. On about my 10th pair. Just wish y'all would make more colorways again

Best of all Times, plz nvr stop makin "The Figgies" Guys!!

Been skatin sinc I was 8yrs old bck in '84 and Emerica r by far my favorite skate shoe company by miles and make the best skate shoes on our Planet by even farther. I've been ridin y'alls kicks since u guys 1st came on the market so that should tell ya how much I respect and love ur company too!! Big props on everything u guys do for sure!! I've been using my pair of grey and black suede Figgy Dose shoes for a little over a year now mostly as date shoes especially the most, 2ndly just for goin out with the friends and family round town, as well as part of the time when I skate. Normally when I skate I ride my pair of Navy blue leather Providers from last season's lineup and if not them then my Dark grey pair of Spanky G6's as I try my hardest to save my grey and black suede Figgy Dose skate shoes for my dress shoes and only occasionally skatin since I only have 1 pair. I really love em and they're n great shape since I only use them to skate when I ride my Arbor Longboard not on my Welcome "Jordan Sanchez". But I really wanted to write this review cuz I wanna say most of all that they're my absolute favorite skate shoes n ur lineup since ur Reynolds G6 model which u discontinued a few yrs bck. But since I 1st rode my deck with these Figgy Doses I own they have instantly become my hands down favorite skate and kickin it round town shoes! I didn't see where u hav any new models of the Figgy Doses n ur "new arrivals" lineup on ur website today and I'm really worried u r thinkin of discontinuing them and I wanna say plz plz don't ever stop makin the "Figgies" bcuz they're amazing skating and casual shoes too, and I kno that every time I do use mine to go skatin in that I'm always stoked and that I've nvr worn better skate shoes for traditional or Longboard skating n my long 37yrs I've been ridin my deck. I would skate n mine everyday but they're just too sweet and comfy and look too good to destroy them as quickly as me skatin n em everyday would. So plz keep the Figgy Doses on tap forever so I can keep skatin n em til my bones get to brittle to heal anymore when I wreck when I'm skatin lol. Emerica for Life!!

Chad Martens
Great feeling shoe

Fantastic shoe all the way around .
One thing though when i got it one shoe mold on the right was tapered wrong therefore the right shoe is slightly longer then the left .