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Chauncey Peppertooth
Toebox too tight

I love Emerica, been skating them since 2002, but I couldn't skate these. The super tight toebox makes them not true to size. Feet hurt after every session, so I can't skate them. I guess you could size up 1/2 if these shoes are the only option available. Spanky G6 is actually true to size and doesn't smash the toes. Bummer. I'm going to give them away. The comfy little cushioning right behind the heel was a nice touch! However, this pushes your foot a bit forward, making the toebox even more uncomfortable. The designers didn't think to compensate for this by extending the shoe a few millimeters. Leo is a legend, so i hope Emerica next it right with his next model. Until then, I'm sticking with the Spankys.

Spencer Isaac
too narrow

I haven't even been able to skate in these yet. I have wide feet and these are way too narrow squishing my toes together. This is the only pair of Emericas that I've purchased with this problem. Obviously it's not a problem for everyone, but if you have wide feet, i would reconsider.

Marcos Garcia
Great shoes!

Best shoes ever! Can’t go wrong with some classic shoes!

Not ideal for skating

If you're casually wearing these shoes around, then they're great. Loose fitting and good looking. If you're trying to skate in them then I would not recommend. There's a weird heel cushion that lines your achilles, but because it's there my heel wants to slip out even when it's laced up to the top eyelet. The soles are also pretty flat so in order to skate in them I had to switch out soles from my other shoes. Emerica has a bunch of really good shoes to skate in, but I would not recommend these ones.

Joey irie