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Had a lot of hopes

Gifted this to my brother since he's a skater. He loved the look + style. Although it fit size wise (length), he felt like it was uncomfortable: no real support & he said that he didn't think replacing the insole would be any better (the insole would've more cushon than the space alloted in the sneakers (hope that made sense. I think he was referring to the room in the sneakers since it was already snug)

Best Of The Best

Unfortunately I couldn't write this review for this last round of The Figgies, but for the 1st go round of Figgy Doses instead. To get right to the exact point of things and the most important fact of all The Figgy Dose are undoubtedly the best Emerica, and to be 100% true, the greatest and best skateboarding shoe of the millennium as well!! It is up in the realm of true and tested "Skate Shoe Royalty" with the other timeless models like The ES Sal Barbier Midtops & ES' Sal Barbier Low Top "23's" that were both released in the mid 90's (My personal favs being my old Sal Barbier ES' (Green & White) colorway Midtops, & the Low Top Sal Barbier ES' "23's" (Navy Blue & Gum Sole Suede) and my old Black Leather Heath Kirtchart Emerica Low Tops, from either around the late 90's or 2000-01,with Plaid accent section around the back "collar" part where you slide your foot into the shoe part (Basically the exact area you hold on to with your fingers, and where your foot slides past when your foot is sliding into the shoe itself.) But all in all, the Figgy Doses are my absolute favorite Emericas for the last few years and I hope that you will do anything and everything in your power to never stop continuing to make The Amazing Figgy Dose Emerica Skate Shoe ever. The 1 and only thing I can think that will improve The Figgies is to put the Lycra straps that connect the tongues of each shoe to the inside of the shoe's body itself so that way the tongue won't slide around in the shoe as much, and the tongue then always will stay in the most optimal and comfortable position inside the shoe especially while I'm skateboarding. I'd also love to see an all gray Suede colorway with black soles and laces, an all Navy blue Suede colorway with charcoal grey soles and Navy blue laces, and most of all a pair of Figgies with an all Forest Green Suede colored colorway with Forest Green matching laces and with all black soles as well as the same insoles you sell for the G6 Insoles (that are available for us to buy separately on The Emerica Official Website), and finally bring in a Tan Suede colorway with a Navy Blue Emerica emblem on the very back middle of the shoe and Black upper soles and for the part of the soles that is actually touching the ground itself, and is actually underneath the shoe itself for this part make it clear (but only for the part of the sole that's underneath and on the actual underside and actual bottom part of the sole itself where the part of the underside of the sole is that touches the ground when u walk in the shoes). But allin all, everything being said, Figgy Doses are the perfect Skate shoes in this lifelong and 38yr Skater's opinion (Been skatin' religiously like its my last day on Planet Earth itself since I turned 7yrs old back in 1983, and when I found my 1st skateboard a complete Schmitt Stix in my front yard's ditch and from that day forward I've been hooked.) and the only thing that could improve them is to have more available colorways of each edition of Figgy Doses and to have the Lycra Straps that connect the tongue of the shoe's to the inside of the shoe's themselves. Really tho they are the perfect lightweight, warm weather, breathable, ultra comfortable, all around skatin shoe from the perfect and definitely best Skate Shoe and Skate Apparel Company on our Rock In The Sky known to us as Planet Earth itself. So PLEASE NEVER STOP MAKIN FIGGY DOSES and Skate kicks!! Oh, I really really wish you wouldn't have discontinued giving us an extra pair of laces in our shoeboxes as a gift when we bought a new pair of kicks from u guys (and in Es' shoes' boxes too), what happened to that cuz u know how quick laces go doin Ollie's and Kickflips??? But great job on the Figgies & plz plz never ever stop makin them!! One!!

Micah Sachau


Michael Waltersdorfer


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It’s a cupsole that doesn’t feel like a cupsole, with the flick of a vulc shoe. Multifunctional work boots for stairs, gaps, rails and all the skating in between. And last for a long time, what more could you want…?…