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Colton LeClaire
Best design, materials need updating

Another pair of Pillars.
The design of this shoe is unmatched. The slightly low mid top provides excellent ankle support and
enough articulation to do any flip trick you might want.

Unfortunately I think I got a pair of lemons this time.
Usually the shoe feels perfect from the very first time I put it on brand new. This time the left shoe had a sort of concave between the ball of my foot and the outermost knuckle ( in other words, it was like there was a valley between my pinky toe knuckle and my big toe knuckle). Because of this I'm getting unusual pressure points on the ball of my foot and that was the reason why I came to Emerica from the vans Half cabs.

Each of the last 3 black and whit colorways that I purchased didn't have this issue.

Robert Pettit
Shred Shoes

My second pair of Pillars because I liked my first pair so much.

Arjun Shah
Fell in love

Never skated a mid previous to this. Made a full review on my thoughts here - https://youtu.be/usvXJOtsDtc

Adam Soukup
Wrong saturation

Those shoes looks actually yellow on the picture, but they are orange in reality.
Color is not what i expected. Shoes itsefl are extremenly comfy.

Paul Jones
Nice appearance poor design

I love the look of these shoes but they fell apart quite quickly. I only had them a month and never skated them but the sole started to come apart where the toe bends and the layers came away from each other. I would not buy these again which is a shame as I used to really love this brand.