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Not ideal for skating

If you're casually wearing these shoes around, then they're great. Loose fitting and good looking. If you're trying to skate in them then I would not recommend. There's a weird heel cushion that lines your achilles, but because it's there my heel wants to slip out even when it's laced up to the top eyelet. The soles are also pretty flat so in order to skate in them I had to switch out soles from my other shoes. Emerica has a bunch of really good shoes to skate in, but I would not recommend these ones.

Terrible fit and customer service

I will start with a positive that these shoes are very good looking. The negative is that they are extremely uncomfortable. My feet were bent and squished in ways I didn't know a shoe could. The worst part though, is that Emerica does not honor their customer service policy. I have been trying to return these shoes for over a month, but to no help by them. They have not replied to any of my emails to their customer service department, and it has convinced me to never buy from them again. A shame and disappointment from a classic company. I just want to return your products and get my money back, please.

Joey irie


Lavon Strong
Not as durable

Sole’s of shoes wore out to quick I haven’t even had the shoes over 2 months and there basically falling apart from the bottom these are definitely not like the first pair of Leo’s i owned. But other than that the foot support in the is amazing along with comfortability

Alexis Romanuik
Seriosuly, buy these. Don't question it, just do it - Now.

So I purchased these shoes for my brother as a Christmas gift this year after reading the reviews.. Not only are these shoes pretty cool esthetically but apparently some of the best shoes but the best shoes were my extremely picky brother Has ever worn. He says that the support in the heel is great and they are super comfortable to do pretty much anything in!