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Patrick O'Hara

I love 💘 these dawgs!!!

Brian Linsky


Damian Sanchez

good ankle support and comfortable

Jack Longrod
Runs wide, slight issue with the toe box ceiling height

These are awesome looking shoes. I love the back since you can draw your initials or a design with a sharpie or paint pen. Emerica intentionally left them blank so you can customize the heels. The part I don't like is they run much wider than a Collin's or Leo's shoe. I had to remove the G6 insoles so my feet would #it shallower cause the toe box stitching were giving me blisters on the tops of my toes. With the G6 soles removed they feel exact like the first runs. Of the early winos which are probably my favorite sneakers of all time besides the Reynolds cruisers. Fuck, I miss those old Reynolds cruisers! This is my 2nd pair of Omens. I have the white suede low versions. They run about a half size larger than a Reynolds or provost wino g6 etc. If you have wide feet you will love these. If you have narrow feet, better to go with C.P or Leo's pro models. Very good shoes and look unique but at the same time, very familiar. Classic in every way! 5 stars

Jonathan Hamby
Initial review

I've had tons of trouble with shoes fitting properly I ha e a high arch and a high instep with a pretty wide set foot. I have the Erick Winkowski editions with the rubber toe bumper and Ollie guard in a US 11 and they are amazing! The g6 is very nice the overall fit of the shoes is perfect I usually leave my shoes unties unless I'm actually skateboarding and these stay in place perfect to be a half size big (my own fault there) tied down for a snugger fit to skate and all good there as well. Durability seems to be there even though I've only skated them for a few minutes just rolling and popping.