On June 15th, Emerica had a shoe release party for the Figgy Dose, Figgy's second shoe with Emerica. Collin Provost was gracious enough to let us have the shoe release party at his amazing house and skatepark. All of Figgy's friends and family were in attendance. Cloud Catcher and Petyr provided sounds later on in the evening at the Moose Lodge in Oceanside,CA. Check out the photo recap below! 
The Figgy Dose, Justin Figueroa's second shoe with Emerica
Leo Romero getting his asada fix!
Jon Dickson and friends chillout between tacos and frontside airs
Andrew and Stella Reynolds showed up to support Figgy! Spanky with a nice frontside air. 
Zach Allen always keeping it stylish!
Figgy can't wait for you guys to try a pair!
Heavy maneuvers were going down in Collin's park
Small piece of the Emerica family!
Riley Hawk's band Petyr got things going at the Moose Lodge later that evening!
Cloud Catcher put on an awesome set as well!
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